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THG Debating Club claims first victory in Junior League Debating

With their third try, the THG Debating Club has managed to win their first debate in the national debating contest Junior League. The team of our students Estelle Wetter-Rischar, Isabelle Weihs, Julia Kleinhenz, Hannah Baßler and Amelie Seeling won against the opponent team from Schwäbisch Gmünd over the motion “THBT Instagram does more harm than good”.

Unfortunately, our team was closely beaten by Dillmann-Gymnasium Stuttgart in the following round when debating whether the Olympic Games should have a permanent competition site. The team was accompanied by our junior debaters from class 7, who got instantly involved in the debates as chairpersons and time keepers. Everybody agreed that this had been a great experience and that the whole team was looking forward to the next rounds in March to finish with an equalized win–lose table.