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Guy Fawkes Night

Hello dear students, parents and teachers,

we are class 6d and we want to tell you about our Guy Fawkes Night on 10th of November.

In the lesson before the evening, we had a special challenge with our teacher Mr Christoph. We had to build a Guy Fawkes puppet and learn a poem within 35 minutes. And we did it!!!

But, who was Guy Fawkes and why did we celebrate it?

Guy Fawkes and Robert Gatsby wanted to kill the King of England and to blow up the British Parliament with gun powder. But the plan didn’t work out, Guy Fawkes was arrested and the King killed Guy Fawkes.

Today, people all over Britain celebrate that the plan did not work and the king survived on the 5th of November with big bonfires and fireworks.

But back to our evening.

It all started with some students working and putting much effort into fixing the dummy Guy. Then, it all began at 6p.m. when all was as dark as, well, night. All students and their families formed two big circles around a fire in the playground. We brought the Guy and recited the famous poem: “Remember, remember, the 5th of November.” Then, the class explained the story of Guy Fawkes to our parents and we put the Guy into the fire. The flames got really big and it got very hot. We lighted sparklers and it looked really cool and awesome.

After that everybody got small sausages and marshmallows and we could grill them in the fire. We also had some punch and it all tasted absolutely delicious!

Our parents also grilled their marshmallows and we could play and have fun on the playground and around the fire.

That was a really great Guy Fawkes evening!