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A Week In Pottenstein

Tuesday, 25th at Pottenstein

Dear diary,

the day started with the meeting at 8 o’clock in the morning. We met at the Greutplatz. After a few minutes, many people were already eating in the coach. The journey was more relaxing than we thought. After two hours we were in Pottenstein. We wanted to visit the outdoor swimming pool. But it was closed and for this reason we went for a three hours Walk. It was very exhausting for people who hadn’t taken enough water with them. We visited the “Hasenloch", it’s a small cave in the forest. After that, we were at a knipe basin. The water was cold and refreshing. Then we finally went back to the youth hostel. After a break, we made a city rally. There were many questions which we had to answer. But when it was bedtime and not everyone was sleeping early.

Wednesday, 26th of June

From 9 o‘clock till 5:30 p.m. we had an English project where we made zines. Our teachers weren‘t Mr. Christoph and Mrs. Rieger. There were two people from England, Chrissie and Duncan. It was the hottest day of the week and in the break, we played volleyball together. It was a new experience to speak English all day.

A zine is a litlle booklet where you can write about any topic you like. It‘s made from only eight pages. Some people also call it Buddybook. In the evening we played werwolfe and talked a lot about everything.

Thursday, 28th

On Thursday, we finished our zines and wrote presentations for them. They were very different; for example: Mona's was a zine about Bernese dogs. Clara Mü had made a zine about things against boredom. Alexander's zine was about ants. Omar's zine was about famous football players. Sel had prepared a zine to help native English speakers through their first days in Germany and Veselin had made a zine about stereotypes about countries and their food and drinks.

The two teachers from England were with us again and helped a lot. Special about this day was that we had English lessons from 9:00 o´clock till 17:30 o`clock. And we had to say ´´Schnitzel`` instead of any bad words.

At night we walked to a forest and we heard a story about the ``Pottensteiners`` and the Swedish army in the 30-Years-War by Mr. Christoph. And then we had to walk alone in the little dark forest. And Mr. Christoph spooked some people. This was very funny! There were lots of fireflies and some of our class tried to catch some.

Friday, 28th of June

Friday was a really good day. In the morning we did two things: Archery and exploring a wild cave. At the archery we first trained then we did a competition which was the absolute highlight of the day. While the first group was with Matze at the archery; the other group was in the wild cave with Heiko and his dog Henri. It was really dirty in there. One moment, we had to turn off the lights and listen to the sounds in the cave. After that we had to creep in the dark for about 5 minutes or so. At the end the cave was very narrow and it was hard to get out. BUT it was a great experience. Then we had freetime and some of us played Volleyball. When our break was done we did a bat tour with a guide named Mr Büttner. The sad thing was that we didn`t see any bats because it was too early for the bats to fly.

Saturday, 29th of June

Saturday and our last day in Pottenstein came too soon. In the morning, we were busy to get our bags packed and the rooms ready. Then we went for a last walk to the "Teufelshöhle", a famous limestone cave, but the wild cave had been much more interesting. After that we could spend some time at the Erlebinsfelsen, where we could ride a rollercoaster or the "Sommerrodelbahn". On the road back home, we played some games, listened to some music and some of us were very tired from the last days, so they went to sleep. We all agreed that we had had a lot of fun and that we had learned many new things about ourselves and our classmates.